Festival Musica Marin 2019

Delicious Music & Pitch-Perfect Cuisine — With a Philanthropic Mission

Festival Musica Marin is an annual world-class chamber music & culinary festival; a weekend event that combines the magnificence of world-renowned musicians from Europe and across the U.S. with the expertise of celebrated chefs to deliver a memorable experience on the beautiful Belvedere-Tiburon Peninsula.

The Musica Marin experience is an immersive adventure in classical music and fine cuisine that takes you out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary. Click on the photos below to explore the event details and learn about this year's participating musicians and chefs. Buy tickets to one, two or all three dates with a discounted 3-Day Pass.

Event Information

Festival Musica Marin 2019

Friday, Oct. 18

Festival Musica Marin 2019

Saturday, Oct. 19


Sunday, Oct. 20

3-Day Pass

3-Day Pass

Festival Musicians

Hans Liviabella

Clint Borzoni

Marco Vassalli

Ruth Kahn

Felicia Moore

Alexander Taite

Kseniia Polstiankina Barrad

César Cañón

Tanya Tomkins

Eric Zivian

Mads Tolling

Jacob Fischer

Akira Tana

Frank Martin

Jeff Chambers

Simple Harmonic Motion

Eric Choate

Frank Zhao

Young Artists

San Francisco Boys Chorus

Cadence Strange

Ani Bukujian

Elek Yozie

Festival Chefs

Mark Furr

Tu David Phu

Jacob Kwan Rosenbush

Rogelio Garcia

Intu Kornnawong

Danica Aviles

Melissa Perfit

The 2018 Experience


St. Stephen's Church
3 Bayview Ave, Belvedere in Tiburon, CA 94920

Musica Marin's Second International Chamber Music & Culinary Festival will be held in the stunning St. Stephen's Church. Mainly an episcopal church used for religious ceremonies, the venue sports an architecture that is neither contemporary nor antiquated, respecting the nature of the immediate architectural surroundings. Its aesthetic foreground is comprised by rooms of fine wood and glass, providing a dramatic, acoustically perfect environment that serves to enthrall audiences.